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Due Diligence Services In India

Many a time it is necessary to deep-dive into various aspects of particular transaction before any decision is taken. In professional world it is called as Due Diligence. There are many ways to get such due diligence done – one through a due diligence companies in India or due diligence firms in India. Mostly such companies / firms are for a specific purpose like Legal, Engineering or Financial / Tax etc. We are a team of Company Secretaries, Lawyers and Accountants along with many associates in various field, we provide following due diligence services in India related to :

  • Takeover or Buying of Business with or without assets/liabilities
  • Buying of Assets or immovable properties of Factory
  • Buying of Brand
  • Buying of Division under Hive-off arrangement
  • Buying of Intellectual Property Rights like Brand, Patent, Technology
  • Investing in business as Investor / PE funding / VC funding
  • Merger & Amalgamation

We cover following aspects/areas for a Due Diligence process :

  • Financial Statements
  • Overall Compliances
  • Taxation Status / Impact
  • Legal Aspects
  • Market Information
  • Key Contracts Review
  • Business Research
  • Insurance / Risk
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Human Resources / Employees
  • Licenses / Approvals / Registrations
  • Real Estate aspects
  • Ongoing litigation